Guitar Technique

Working on your guitar technique can quickly accelerate your level of guitar playing. Guitar players with good guitar technique can focus more on the music and not have to worry about speed, fingerings, fret changes or any other technical issues.

Of course almost everything in life has a price, and it’s no different with developing a good guitar technique. It’ll cost you time and effort, and your results will be based on determination and study habits.  Developing good guitar technique involves practising on a consistent basis everyday (if possible).  The time doesn’t have to be long, as long as you focus on the goals of each technical exercise.

 Guitar Technique Benefits

  • Increase speed and accuracy
  • Advance your Guitar learning
  • Improve your guitar sound
  • Focus on your guitar music
  • Open new door with your abilities

Before we start learning the differ exercises to improve your guitar technique.  Let’s first take a look at each of the benefits of working on your guitar technique.  This way you’ll have a good idea on what to focus on when you practise.

[toggle_content title=”Increase Speed an Accuracy in your playing”]
Developing guitar technique for both your strumming and fretboard hands help to increase your guitar speed by minimizing the amount of energy that you use to play the guitar.  The guitar has been around for quite a few centuries and there’s many proven technical exercises that work.

If you take a look at some Classical guitar technique books available,  you’ll read about very detailed information on guitar technique.  They study the muscles and bones  involved in playing guitar and how to develop guitar technique that increases your speed, endurance and accuracy. While minimizing the long term impact on your tendons and  other sensitive areas prone to injury.

Much of the information learned from classical guitar has been applied to other musical guitar styles.  Another area that many guitar player should focus on is the way the hold the guitar pick.  If you take time to learn the proper picking techniques your feel and hear the difference.  [/toggle_content]

[toggle_content title=”Advance your guitar learning “]
One of  the most difficult part of learning he guitar is getting your fingers and hands to do what you want.  By focusing on certain fingers and building strength and dexterity using each finger.  Guitar players can quickly master lessons and start learning new material.   Guitar technique is one of the main roadblocks in learning the guitar!

[toggle_content title=”Improve your guitar sound”]
As you advance with your guitar technique studies.  You’ll begin to focus on every details of playing guitar.  You’ll pay attention to how you place your finger on the fretboard, at what angle your finger is placed and how your finger leaves the fretboard.  You’ll make mental notes of the position of your fingers relative to the frets and learn at what position the best sound comes from.  You’ll listen to recording of your playing and focus on how well you play “clean” without the use of effect pedals or other processprs that may mask the true sound of your guitar.  You’ll also take a close look at how you hold a guitar pick and at what angle the pick touches the string.  In the end, you should notice a drastic improvement on how well you sound. Even difficult passages of songs will flow with easy.

[toggle_content title=”Begin to Focus on the Music”]
When you have mastered your guitar technique you’ll feel comfortable with your guitar playing.  Once difficult chord changes or scale patterns will now play with ease.  Allowing you to focus more attention to the music.

[toggle_content title=”Open New Doors in Guitar Playing”]
As your guitar technique advances so will the new opportunities in your playing.  You’ll hear new ideas and immediately begin to adapt your ideas into reality.  You’ll be able to push your personal limits of guitar playing to the edge.

[message type=”warning”]We would like to take the time to state that while all our statements about the benefits of learning great guitar technique are true. The problem that most guitar players face is the dedication to follow through with their guitar technique training. The bottom line is practicing your guitar technique is not an all or nothing game. Any time you spend on your technique WILL show through in your playing! [/message]