Welcome to GuitarOnline Malaysia’s Online Guitar Lesson Tutorial page.  We created this page to help beginner guitar players learn some basics about playing guitar. Eventually we would like to include guitar lessons for intermediate and advances level of guitar playing.  The intermediate and advanced guitar levels would include lessons focused on different styles of guitar.

Getting started with guitar can be both an exciting and often confusing time.  Hopefully GuitarOnline will be able to help clarify some of the confusing parts. If you already have a guitar, great your ready to start.  If your still without a guitar, it wouldn’t hurt to continue reading and watching the lessons below.  We would then recommend that you also check out our “How to Play the Guitar” page.  Take a look at the section on choosing a guitar, it should help take some of the guess work out of selecting a guitar.

OK, lets talk about our first lesson module, “Getting Started”.  It’s a short module that’s designed to give you a strong foundation on some very basic guitar topics.  After reading and watching our Guitar Lesson. You should be able to feel comfortable, and confident with a guitar.  As you’ll have learned about the different guitar part names and purposes. You’ll also know how to hold the guitar with both your hands, how to sit or stand with the guitar, how to begin to pluck the strings, and how to tune the guitar.

If your new to guitar, we hope you spend some time with this guitar lesson to master the basics.  After spending some time on this guitar lesson.  GuitarOnline recommends that you create a study schedule, and begin to have fun learning the guitar.  Enjoy your guitar lesson!

Basic Guitar – Module One  “Getting Started”

  • Guitar Anatomy
  • How to Hold the Guitar (Body Side)
  • How to Hold the Guitar (Fretboard Side)
  • Sitting Posture (Foot Placement)
  • How to Pluck a String
    • Using Finger Style
    • Using Guitar Pick
  • Guitar Tuning (Open E)